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Persico Car Service Excursions

DT 07 - Paestum

About a couple of hours south of Naples, to the east of Salerno after headlands of Pontecagnano, Battipaglia and Eboli is Paestum. The town of Paestum was founded by the Greeks around 6th century B.C. its name deriving from Poseidon (the God of the sea) to whom it was dedicated.

It was during this period that the Basilica , the Temple of Poseidon and temple of Cerers were built.

Today the Temples and ruins, built of a fine yellow limestone, stand in a bower of aromatic herbs, cypresses and oleander, are considered to be the finest example of their Kind.

The nearby museum contains many fine sculptures found on the site, and also the famous divers tomb. Look out for the buffalo that you will see grazing on roadside during the drive.